Air Preparation Equipment - Olympian Plus Accessories

  • Air Preparation Units are designed to condition compressed air for use in pneumatic tools, valves, cylinders and other equipment. Internal corrosion and contamination is minimized by filtering moisture and impurities from the air and performance and service life is enhanced by introducing a suitable lubricant into the air via a lubricator.
  • Three brands of Air Preparation Unit are featured in this section of the Catalogue, namely ALLIANCE, NORGREN and MOTOR GUARD.
  • The ALLIANCE range has been sold in Australia for over 15 years and offers a quality yet reasonably priced range of general purpose air preparation equipment to suit all industries.
  • NORGREN offers an extensive range of more specialized air preparation equipment to meet almost every industrial requirement. A selection of these products is presented on the following pages.
  • MOTOR GUARD sub-micronic filters are canister type units for fine filtration applications. They come in two versions with different air entry points.
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