Alliance Air Hose & Fittings - Quick Couplers

  • ALLIANCE brand air hose is available in various configurations to cover all needs from the home handyman up to the construction contractor. Rolls of air hose are available in a large range of inside diameters and lengths, either with or without fittings.
  • ALLIANCE coil hose is ideal for workstations and benches in factory and workshop situations where length is needed but the hose recoils out of the way when not in use. This eliminates trip hazards as well as helping to maintain a well ordered work area.
  • ALLIANCE and RECOILER retractable hose reels have similar advantages to coil hose assemblies but provide extra length of larger diameter hose when required.
  • A full range of various brands of Quick Couplers for air hose is featured in this section as well as ranges of Swivel Connectors, Claw Couplings, Brass Fittings, Ball Valves, Silencers, Hose Clamps, Manifolds and Thread Tape.
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