Tecna Spring Balancers - Tool Balancers

  • TECNA is an Italian manufacturer of a complete range of tool balancers with capacities ranging from 0.2kg to 180kg. Models up to 105kg are generally available ex stock whilst those over 105kg may need to be on indent.
  • Quality tool balancers provide a consistently safer working environment on assembly lines and work stations by suspending tools above the work area. This also increases productivity by reducing idle times, wear and tear on tools, cables and hoses, and removing trip hazards from leads and hoses lying on the floor.
  • Two models of TECNA Tool Balancer are available Č Those with an aluminium body and stainless steel wire cable and those with an aluminium body and retractable air supply hose. Both of these models are featured on the following pages. Models which are suitable for explosive environments can also be supplied against special order.
  • TECNA Tool Balancers have been imported and sold in Australia for over 15 years. During this period they have proved to be very reliable. Nevertheless service facilities and spare parts are available when needed.
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