Trelawny Surface Preparation Equip - Pole Compactors

  • Trelawny Tools and Equipment is a range of products designed for the surface preparation of concrete, steel and stone in industries which include:
    • Construction.
    • Floor covering and coating.

    • Utilities construction and maintenance.

    • Marine.
    • Offshore oil and gas installations.

    • Nuclear maintenance and decommissioning.
    • Building restoration, refurbishment and maintenance.
  • The full range of Trelawny Air Tools and other equipment is covered in the following pages.
  • Trelawny, a UK based Company, has been offering and developing its range of equipment for over 50 years and its products are accepted worldwide in the industries to which they apply.
  • In Australia, Trelawny Tools and Equipment have been sold and serviced for over 15 years and during this time have acquired a reputation for quality, reliability and service.
  • Trelawny Tools and Equipment are backed in this Country by stocks of spare parts and local service facilities.
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